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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello there, i'm felicity barr, and this is the newshour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes - essential supplies run short in some yemeni cities. houthi fighters respond to a ceasefire offer from saudi arabia a suicide bomber attacks a hospital building in north syria where hundreds of government troops are holed up macedonian police say they
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have defeated a group of ethnic albanian fighters after a day of violence. plus the pope and the president, cuba's raul castro said the catholic's leader could persuade them to return to the church sport - merz aidies continues -- mercedes continues domination in spain after days of violence houthi fighters responded to a saudi offer of a ceasefire in yemen, nothing is formally agreed. houthi rebels say they would react positively to end the suffering of the yemeni people. an offer of a 5-day pause on
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tuesday has been announced by the saudis. president salah has escaped unhurt after an attack on his palace, but announced an alliance with the houthi rebels for the first time. [ explosion ] >> reporter: it's the first time the saudi-led coalition has targeted yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh. the former president is unharmed. and remains defiant. >> translation: you should continue carrying your arms, willing to sacrifice your lives in the face of these belligerent attacks. i can describe this aggression
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as an act of cowardice if you are brave enough, face us on the battlefield. shelling by rockets and jets cannot enable you to achieve your goals. >> reporter: this is the moment the international airport in sanaa was struck by coalition jets. houthi fighters who control the capital say the attack was to prevent the landing of aircraft carrying aid. the saudi-led coalition intensified military campaigns, targetting sadr province in northern aden, yemen and other provinces. saudi army commanders say it was an ammunition depot that houthis planned to use to shell saudi villages. saudi arabia offered a 5-day humanitarian truce starting tuesday. the houthis remain skeptical. they say any step to alleviate the suffering of the yemenis will be welcome. they are also urging aid agencies to send immediate
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relief to the people. >> they are the one that start the fighting if they stop the fighting, it will lead to a humanitarian crisis in yemen - it will help humanitarian aid to come into yemen. the saudi will stop. i do not think they will stick to the five day ceasefire. the u.n. announced it will start to deliver aid when all parties commit to a ceasefire. >> we need proper structure to the agreement to allow the u.n. to respond on the ground. we are ready to do that but companies need to be met, we hope that it is met in the next couple of days, every day, civilians lives are lost. >> fighting shows no sign of abating. this is a village attacked in the central province of ibb.
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local people say there are no fighters in the area. the continuing war undermines the chances for a political settlement in the country ravaged by years of instability. the houthi rebels say they are are open to political talks if they take into account a growing political influence across yemen the yemeni port city of aden has been a key battle ground in the war. after weeks of air strikes supplies are running dangerously low. houthi rebels have been battling local militias on the streets, and as a result don't have access to basic supplies. hospitals are struggling to cope with the injured due to electricity and fuel shortages, and water is scarce in much of the city. >> oh people of good faith oh people of the world, we are living under siege surrounded by
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the houthis no food, no water, we have no medicine nothing. >> reporter: saudi arabia's king will not attend the upcoming gulf summit with president obama. he has designated the crown prince to attend the talks. king salman says he's too busy dealing with local issues including the yemen matters. the summit coincides with the 5-day yemeni truce. with me is a former advisor to the last three yemeni ps. let's be clear, there has been no official response from the houthis regarding the 5-day ceasefire, from the comments made, does it appear to you that they may be moving towards a humanitarian truce? >> i think they are under pressure to come towards accepting a ceasefire, but whether they'll stick to that this is the big question.
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i think they'll trying to take advantage of the ceasefire to expand the area they are controlling and get in a better position. i don't think they are really worried about the humanitarian situation on the ground as it shows in aden. they've been pounding people shelling them - civilians and so on it looks as if they will continue their way forward, trying to hold the world, and that they can achieve something out of it. >> if, as you are saying, they are not interested in a humanitarian situation why would they agree to a truce. what would be in it for them, the advantage for them? >> i think to try to avoid the amount of shelling they are facing. they are looking for relief for time when they could reposition themselves on the ground and so on and get a chance of perhaps, you know getting more ammunition and weapons out from
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grounds where there would be a lull of the ceasefire. they are trying to take advantage of this opportunity, perhaps, you know but it would be worrying you know if such a thing happened. i think the ceasefire would not stand at all if it shows that there are not positively moving towards allowing the humanitarian and relief processes to go on the ground. interesting that we heard from former president salah whose compound was destroyed in the air strikes. why is he chosen now, do you think, to formally announce that he is allied with the houthis. we knew there was influence behind the houthis, and salah was supporting them. something that we may be surprised to learn is the houthis and president ali abdullah saleh was on opposing sides. it looks like they were on
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opposing sides. they were trying to show they have more right to rule than the houthis and others in the north of yemen. now, today, with the shelling of the compound of ali abdullah saleh, he has come out clear to say "i'm siding with them", though everyone know especially over the past two years. he's very much now worried that this has shown that he may have been trying to sell them out over the past few weeks he was trying to get relief by selling them that he is the only one that can fight them. so i think now he's very much worried that he may be facing both streaks from the allied arab forces away from the dormant cells that could be working against him. i think he's worried about that that he may be cornered by both
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the allied forces and the houthis, were his allies but the thought that he was with them all the way through. >> it's a complicated situation, we talk about the fighting going on. are we moving to further talks. there's indications that the houthis might hold talks if under the umbrella of the united nations. certainly not in riyadh. >> if they mean what they say, it will depend whether the russians and iranians can speak sense to them so they can see a way forward to the political settlement of the process. this will depend on whether they are really facing on the ground some sort of you know defeat and if they feel that after all the - what they were expecting from the iranians to side with
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them openly is not going to be achieved on the ground. >> you've been an advisor to the past three yemeni prime ministers, including the current yemeni prime minister and the vice president. many yemenis, we gather feel that he should be the man to take over from hardy. he has a broad support among the yemeni people. where do you stand, what comment do you have. >> like recently we were in doha tootgether. he's in a position to help because of his ground. he's moving on a reconciliatory ground towards all opposing forces. perhaps now that mr abd-rabbu mansour hadi's task would be an restructuring the armed forces. let's not forget we need a military commander that can help in building and rebuilding the whole army to form a national army and on the security sector
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reform. he may need someone there to help with the tasks should mr behar replace abd-rabbu mansour hadi as well. >> he can do that but you need someone to reform restructure the army and performing the security sector reform, which is needed for a country like that lacking an army and security. >> great to yet your thoughts and perspective. thanks for coming in. thank you. let's take you to syria, where activists say opposition fighters have captured a complex. elsewhere in syria, there has been continued heavy fighting,
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especially in the calais moon area. gaining control of it is vital. we have this report from the bekaa valley in lebanon. >> the suicide attack on the hospital was powerful. plumes of smoke covered the town followed by heavy fighting. more than 200 syrian soldiers are besieged. soldiers allied to al nusra front, allied to al qaeda overran the town. the town is crucial, it's not far from bashar al-assad's stronghold on the coast. another crucial battle is taking place on syria's border with lebanon. video from hezbollah, the lebanese group fighting along side the syria government forces
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shows fears fighting in the mountains. hezbollah says its fighters are making gains, clearing a number of areas. >> we are standing on the hilltop where the attack started. we use medium and heavy weapon and the ground troops are advancing syrian jets are providing aerial support hitting a number of targets. this is a key supply route for hezbollah and the government. the regime wants to secure a key role connecting the road and on to the stronghold on the western coast. it's a hard battle. the mountain range is vast and rugged. the syrian rebels adopt guerilla warfare tactics and use the terrain as a hide out.
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that may help the fighters control and clear the area. despite the attacks, syrian rebels are powerful in the area. they say they repelled a number of attacks and are vowing to fight back. the battle will be a long one. it could spillover deep into the political fighting and sectarian tensions there. the turkish prime minister has angered syria by briefly crossing the border to visit an otto man tomb. it is 200m inside syria, after being moved closer to turkey by the army in february. the leader greeted troops at the site which contains the remains of the grandfather of the ottoman's founder. syria's military described the visit as clear aggression. 14 people have been killed in car bombings in iraq the worst attacks north of the
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capital, baghdad. five security force members were killed, three civilians were killed in taji in afghanistan three were killed in a suicide attack on a government bus. it happened in kabul. the shuttle bus was carrying staff from the attorney-general's office when it was attacked. government workers and civilians were amongst the casualties. still to come - an image change for south africa's opposition. the democratic alliance elect its first ever black leader keeping the nation guessing. chile's president gives nothing away as she considers a new cabinet in sport, a famous runner calls time on his professional career. first n.a.t.o. urged
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restraint in macedonia after a day of violence that killed 22 people. police say they defeated a group of ethnic albanian fighters in a gun battle in the northern town. tim friend has more details. >> reporter: police say the main part of their operation of the group is now over. gun fire could be heard on the streets sunday morning. most of the armed group believed a number of about 30 are reported to be arrested. some were refusing to surrender. >> you can see it's terrible terrible. >> reporter: this is an area that saw fighting during an ethnic albanian insurgency in 2001. the mayor said the group had no local backing. >> the armed groups have no logistics and support from the local people. the people want to keep the peace and hope the action can bring a result.
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removal of the group. i'm appealing to our citizens to remain calm keep the peace and stability and not to be provoked. the fighters entered macedonia from an unnamed country, and intended to attack government targets. >> reporter: this group was well armed and well trained for such circumstances, special forces had strong resistance from the terrorists attacking with automatic weapons, bombs and snipers. >> reporter: the opposition says the government is using the event to heighten tensions as a distraction from their own difficulties. in the past weeks there has been street protests demanding the resignation of the prime minister who demonstrators accuse of wire tapping and abuse of office. 30% of macedonia's 2 million people are ethnic albanian.
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many former insurgent entered politics. there's still resentment and the threat of further violence. european union is to ask for united nations backing for a military campaign in libya, targetting ships to transport migrants across the mediterranean sea. it's the latest attempt to curb the rising number of migrants leaving for european shaw's. the chief is to address the security council on monday this is the most dangerous migrant route in the world. thousands died there. a morgue in misrata was visited. some images in this report are
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disturbing. >> reporter: some call the crossing of the mediterranean the journey of death, still thousands and thousands are willing to take their chance. he says there was chaos, people shouted. the boat capsized, people fell into the water. he doesn't know what happened next, he was thinking of himself. he was rescued by the libyan coast guard. there were bodies at sea. this man has never seen anything like it. he is the driver of misrata's only refrigerated ambulance, he transported dead fighters and saw all sorts of wounds. >> translation: it's horrifying. there's a terrible smell. the bodies were in the water for 20 or 30 days, some were eaten by the fish, some bloated by the salt. others are found floating and fishermen bring them back the corpses are taken to the morgue in misrata's hospital. it's in poor condition. look how they keep the fridge
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closed. it's not cold enough and bodies are rotting and the smell is overwhelming. bodies were found randomly on the beaches. nobody knows how long they were floating before they were found. some are so disfigured it seems they've been in the water for a while. there's the body of a child. by the looks of it, they were between three and four years old. >> they were found on the beach in january. they've been lying here decomposing. no one knows their names or were they came from, somewhere, families are wondering what happened to them. >> it's painful to see dead bodies. no one asks for them. we don't have the means for dna samples. the fridge preserves the body, not freezing them. it is an eternal task not in this case x they stay for months, six or seven. they suffer in death as well. it is really painful. >> reporter: they are given a number. only the location where they are found is registered. it can take a long time to bury
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them, there's little money and in a country at war, dead migrants are not a priority. the unknown bodies will end up in this cemetery, tucked between the sand dunes. it was once used for members of gaddafi's security force s who died during the uprising of 2011. 37 migrants were buried here recently. those at the morgue will be buried here one day. the story of these bodies will go unnoticed by thousands of migrants waiting in libya to cross the mediterranean. any one of them runs the risk of ending a journey here in misrata's nameless cemetery joining me to discuss the crisis is steven hale chief executive of refugee action. thank you for being with us on the programme. if i can start by asking about the plans on the european union for some sort of military attack
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on the smugglers' boats. what is your response to that proposal? >> i am sure everyone watching your programme would have been moved of the pictures the story of the child 3 years old 4 years old. that child and parents tragic death, and so many dying trying to make the journey, it's abundantly clear that this is a humanitarian crisis not a law and order problem. and to hear the european union to buy into a military package is to me, the wrong way to think about this. >> to be fair it's a law and order problem in terms of the smugglers, people demanding money from the migrants who are desperate to get the europe. they are demanding money and setting them free out navigational equip. that is a law and order matter, isn't it. it will be those people that the
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military action will be targetting. >> what we have to focus on is who are those people and why are they so desperate? we have people - statistics show that people arriving in italy and greece these people from libya, syria, eritrea, countries where they are fleeing conflict fleeing persecution. when the people are properly assessed, the vast majority are identified as legitimate refugees that need support is compassion. >> i don't think anyone is talking about targetting the migrants, who clearly are desperate and need help. aren't they talking about the people that do the smuggling, who buy the rickety old boats, charge a fort uniform people to go in them and leave them adrift. isn't it their boats they are targetting rather than those on
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the boats. >> it's symptomatic from an approach of leaving the coast of libya. people as straight as this will not be deterred. they are already risking their lives. if there's an attempt to bomb the ships somehow on the shore, i suspect it's illegal, impractical and immoral. i can't see a viable solution. the only viable solution is to get search and rescue in place so people are not drowning in the mediterranean, and for all european countries to come together and identify how to assess the claims of those that arriving, and support and protect the people who are refugees, and many under this scheme are effective under this proposaling trying to prevent them from leaving, when there are, as i said, legitimate refugees. we are reminding of a complex, difficult situation, is tackled
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from a humanitarian perspective. compassion driving us, rather than a fear arriving which seems to drive a lot of response. would you support the idea that is talked a lot in europe that the european union should have a quota system whereby you literally divide up the people arriving on the shores of malta and italy, and each member of the 28 member european union takes a number of migrant. do you support that? >> 80% of asylum seekers in europe are being received and welcomed by six countries that is not a fair approach. there's no reason why countries like italy should be on the front line and facing the overwhelming responsibility and financial pressure to support people who arrive. i think it has to be a european
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approach and i prefer to think of that in terms of contribution, commitment and support that different countries can use. it makes it sounds like this is something brussels should do. this is something that should be offered, the u.k.'s contribution german contribution. there should be a proportionate response. >> great to get your thoughts. thank you for joining us on the programme. >> thank you a chilean president announces her new cabinet on monday as michelle bachelet tries to stop a slide in her popularity. polls suggest her approval rating is around 30%. she's been tainted by corruption scandals, she has not been implicated. she asked her cabinet to resign on wednesday, and the reshuffle should be announced in the coming hours. daniel schweimler joins us from santiago. will this reshuffle change michelle bachelet's fortunes do
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you think? >> well, she is hoping so. the government hopes so. talking to people on the streets in santiago they have their doubts. it's a mere change in the cabinet. the general view is that they are loosing faith in not just michelle bachelet's government, but politicians in general since many are involved in different scandals. when michelle bachelet left office after a first term in office, she had massive approval ratings in the high 80s, and was seen as cleaner than clean. the fact that she's been implicated or somehow tainted by a corruption scandal involving her son and daughter-in-law, chileans are asking who is clean. she's hoping a cabinet reshuffle will do the job. we'll have to wait and see. >> is it only the corruption
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scandal that led to a sleed in her popularity? -- led to a slide in her popularity popularity. we have lost daniel schweimler live in santiago. thank you for the update still to come - the taliban claim responsibility for an attack on a helicopter claiming foreign diplomats in pakistan. boats full of migrants wash up on indonesia's coast after two months at see. and mercedes continue a podium stranglehold in formula 1. that and the rest of sport coming up shortly.
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and mercedes continue a podium hello again, a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. opposing forces in yemen could be inching closer to a ceasefire deal. houthi rebels say they'll respond positively to efforts to end the suffering of the yemeni people. there has been no response. in syria there has been
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heavy fighting on the border with lebanon, it is seen as a vital region for supply lines for the bashar al-assad and the opposition. cuban president raul castro met pope francis at the vatican. as well as thanking pope francis, raul castro said it affected him spiritually. lucia newman is in havana which the pope will visit in september. >> it was supposed to be a meeting to thank pope francis for his role in helping thaw relations between havana and washington. after a chat cuban president raul castro made a stunning announcement >> translation: i said if the pope talks as he does soon or are later i will pray again and return to the catholic church. i'm not committing i'm a
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communist, the party formerly didn't allow it but it is allowed now. >> reporter: he and his brother went to a jesuit school in their youth, before declaring as atheists and shutting the schools down. the pope is the first jesuit leader of the catholic church. ravt receiver said he will attend the pope's masses when he fists cuba in september on the way to the united states. we ask the leader of the church what he expected from the visit. >> translation: it's natural that the pope will reaffirm the church's desire for cuba to open up to the world and the world to cuba, as the pontiff participated in the dialogue between united states and cuba pope francis will be the third pontiff to visit cuba in 17 years, a lot considering that
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cuba is a small country where the church is not strong. >> cuba always awakened an interest disproportionate to its size, and pope francis's role to establish diplomatic ties between havana and washington makes the visit significant mixing politics and religion is as old as time. both castro and the pope are proving it once again hundreds of people have been marching in mexico city on international mother's day to demand justice for their missing relatives. they say that the authorities have not bean helping them the pakistan taliban claims to have shot down a helicopter carrying foreign diplomats.
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ambassadors from norway and philippines were among seven killed. a video is said to show fighters firing a missile na hit the tail of the helicopter. kamal hyder has more. >> the pakistan taliban released a video showing different some ponds of a russian sam- -- components of a russian sam-7 missile to bring down a hint. according to the military and exclusive footage obtained by al jazeera showed that the helicopter was coming in for a normal landing and then crashed. it shows the rescue on board, and talking to some of the survivors who said that they did not witness any missile hit g the aircraft. it was a technical fault that
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developed on the aircraft. everything was going smoothly. according to aviation experts, if the aircraft were hit in the air, it would have come down like a rock. however, it shows that this was an accident, and the crew members made an attempt to save lives on board after the helicopter caught fire german chancellor angela merkel called on russian president vladimir putin to end the war in ukraine. she is in moscow taking part in commemorations marking the end of the second world war. she looked on as a wreath was placed at the grave of the unknown soldiers as russians remembered their victory over nazi germany. >> i had come to moscow during a difficult phase of the russian german relations. it was difficult to pay respects to those killed in the war together with vladimir putin. >> translation: it's not a secret that the relations between russia and germany is going through a bad period because of the zaps of the
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event. -- significance of the events. bilateral trade fell by 6.5%. five people have been found dead after a shooting in northern switzerland, happening on the jerpan bored -- german border. the gunman is believed to be among the dead. police believe it was a domestic dispute as some of the victims were related an exit poll shows a conservative changer taking a surprise leave in the first round. he received about 32% of the vote. he was favourite to fend off challengers and remain head of state. national opposition candidate got almost 35%. the president says the result is a warning to those that want a reasonable opponent it's been two weeks since nearly 8,000 people were killed in nepal's earthquake. the priority is rebuilding
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infrastructure and preventing the spread of disease. doctors are concerned about pregnant women and babies. >> reporter: they are the youngest affected by the quake, premature babies born in the hours and days after. this woman was 30 weeks pregnant and happened to be in hospital when it began to shake. >> first i was told not to move. then the hospital kept shaking and an oxygen cylinder fell over. doctors told me to get out. i ran down the stairs. >> reporter: she had to get an emergency caesarian operation 12 hours later, because of a risk to her life and her babies. doctors say several women had miscarriages following the disaster, and emphasise the need to keep a close eye on their pregnant patients. >> in these kind of situations it is expected. we know women go through a lot
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of stress, women who are about to deliver are vulnerable. they may lose their homes, a bread winner. and that does cause stress, so it could be premature deliveries. >> some, however, didn't have the proper medical help even before the earthquake struck. >> adding to the stress is living in tents like this. coping with hot weather some days and rain on the others. at least they are close to hospitals like these in the capital. those in remote areas are more vulnerable. there were 126,000 women in the quake effected areas that were pregnant. most in rural and remote distributes. the focus now is getting medical affects to them. >> they will have centers where women can have the service
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and making advice available indoors t 10 24 by seven. the next step will be to provide the long-turn premature babies need. for them, the aftereffects of the earthquake may last a lifetime. a powerful storm forced more than 2,500 people from their homes in the philippines. emergency officials warn of flash floods and landslides after the typhoon hit the country. they prepared relief packages and designated buildings as shelter. there's no reports of injury or death. much power has been knocked out. it is forecast to blow out of the country on tuesday and head to japan boats carrying 574 people run aground in western indonesia. they were washed ashore in aceh at the northern end of sumatra island. half on board are rohingya a
5:42 pm
community facing decades of discrimination in myanmar. the others were bangladesh many try to escape a main route out is thailand. they have launched a crackdown on the people smugglers. >> reporter: this section of the sea off the coast of thailand is used by human traffickers. we are told by someone connected to the networks that there were four boats that have made a week long journey from myanmar. they have not come close to shore because of a new operation launched a week ago. the boats can stay out there for a month. the traffickers have been bringing the rohingya ashore by the tens of thousands. it's estimated 60,000 trafficked through thailand in the past
5:43 pm
seven months. they are loaded into smaller boats out at sea. they make their way up at inlet waterways. this is a drop off point. they do it at night. they make their way to the camps, some are bundled into the back of pick up trucks. if there are children in a group, it can take up to two days. this is where they end up in hidden jungle camps. this was abandoned hours before we arrive. in some cases they are held for months waiting for ransom money to reach the traffickers. >> this is a group of 10 soldiers. they hike up to the jungle. this is the first time they have done it they'll stay for a week. it's a remote area where people come and go across the unmarked border. there are two provinces that border malaysia that the army is focussed on. the operations searching for the
5:44 pm
camps and traffickers that run them. this area is a known route for the rohingya going from thailand to malaysia. >> that's a small number. thailand's government has called for talks with malaysia and myanmar to deal with a crisis situation, ones ending with hundreds of rohingya in custody for illegal entry, or those that had to buy their freedom, or worse yet, those that were killed or died along the way south africa's main opposition party, the democratic alliance elected its first black leader. it is seen as an attempt to shake off the party's image of being dominated by the white's minority. we have this report. this 34-year-old has made
5:45 pm
history, the first black leader of south africa's main opposition party, the democratic alliance. he knows critics of the party, with the build-coloured emblems thing it represents the interests of a white minority. in an acceptance speech he tells reporters because he is in charge, change is coming. >> if you don't see me as black, you don't see me at all. [ clapping ] >> i do not believe colour should define us forever. the system is divided - it is deplorable. ultimately we cannot stay in that way of thinking. we must triumph over the evil of apartheid by building a new future. >> reporter: outgoing leader a
5:46 pm
tough tenacious, fun and vibrant leader was praised for attracting black voters. but can they now take the party to the next level. the two most opposition parties have young black leaders. the economic freedom fighter party and another in charge of the democratic alliance. many are asking the question is the ruling african national party word. a dominant feeling is a.n.c. has not delivered enough. there's a shift in terms of staying away from the polls or vote for an alternative party. it's there that they should be able to capitalize. >> reporter: local elections are due in 2016. which could be the first test for the democratic alliance. >> if you are watching this programme, we are still coming for you.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: he is promising to create jobs tackle corruption and put the interests of black majority first. south africans are watching him waiting to see if his appointment is what the democratic alliance needs to entice more sought after black voters. still to come on the programme - not just a fashion statement. the government in ghana is throwing his weight behind the textile industry. and in sport find out how murray mastered madrid. robin has the details. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on not just in this country but around the world. >> if there were no cameras here,
5:48 pm
would be the best solution. >> this goes to the heart of the argument >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target only on al jazeera america >> now available, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now
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hello. thousands of people used to rely on ghana's textile industry for their jobs. but cheaper models have flooded the market. the government is fighting back encouraging encouraging beam to buy local groups. >> when you shop for fabric in west africa, it's the beginning of a local journey. you find a tailor or seamstress to make an out fit. in a store like this you can be
5:50 pm
sure that goods are genuine. local producers say the industry is suffering from a flood of imported product, offer of inferior prompt. the industry has been effected, they are producing a quarter of the amount compared to thousands of years ago. >> we don't mind when goods are coming into the mark, but we object when they copy our brands saying made in ghana, when we know they are not. and copying the brands. >> reporter: many like to shop in the market because they think you get the bargains. you have to know what to look for. when you look at the two labels, it's impossible to tell the
5:51 pm
difference. this is the label on the fake brand, and this is the original. the only way to be sure is to check whether the number on the fabric matches what is on the label. in this case, it doesn't. the government wants shoppers to support the local fabric industry. it introduced friday wear, when ghanans are encouraged to come to work in a traditional fabric. a ghanan musician is an outspoken supporter. >> i think we should where africa monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday wear the western. when you go to the west, no one wears the africa once a year. >> reporter: traditionally the cloth is supposed to show how a person is feeling. they all have individual names, and for many, there's a spiritual attachment for funeral wear. all of this is slowly disappearing, and it's up to individuals to hold on to it and support the local industry. all right. time for all the sport with the impeccably dressed robin adams. >> so much. i love it.
5:52 pm
nico rosberg narrowed the gap on his mercedes team-mate, lewis hamilton. nico rosberg powered to his first win of the season at the spanish grand prix. >> reporter: with hamilton sweeping up before him this season, poll in barcelona was a bonus for nico rosberg, converting it to championship points was crucial. on a track proving tricky for overtaking, it was nico rosberg to lose. lewis hamilton was hampered by wheel spin, nico rosberg raced ahead. sebastien vettel went past. lewis hamilton suffered. the pit crew put paid to hopes. mercedes continued ford. -- forward, others went back ward. kiko alonso in the pits.
5:53 pm
motorists grateful grosjean left them moaning. it was a roller-coaster ride. starting fifth a pair picked off and battling to stay in the top 10. in front nothing trouble the german extending his lead. lewis hamilton hunted steven vitoria. a shake-up allowing mercedes to manoeuvre their man to second. there was no way to reclaim the race from nico rosberg, as he took the checkered flag by 17 seconds and the first win of 2015. >> it was a perfect weekend great to be in poland and win the race. very, very happy. the car has been awesome all weekend. perfect. really great. >> had lots of wheel spin on the car. it was a good race he did a fantastic job, i'm grateful i could get back up to second with a statement challenge revived nico rosberg will look
5:54 pm
to moscow looking to rewrite the rivalry that's the bit of football news. early lead at stamford bridge sets new records. terry with 59 goals, the highest scoring defender history. united states-bound steven gerard liverpool 6th. united have a goal difference. it looks like europa league football for liverpool. >> we conceded a disappointing goal from the corner. then we got into the game once we got the goal we started to find our passing rhythm. the second half we raced down. we finished around the box. to get the one we deserved in the second half
5:55 pm
queen's park rangers have been relegated after a big defeat. the 6-0 loss confirming their second relegation. sergio agara second behind chelsea in the table. i thought the performance today was probably the worse one for a long time. we had spells where we have been poor but not for the majority of the game. obviously the players are in a solid mood in the back there. they know that they have not done themselves justice. >> memphis finished his last home match for dutch champions in style before heading to manchester united. set to destroy united at the cost of $38 million, and shows why there has been so much interest and his 22nd goal of the season. picked that up. two shots saved and bowed out to a standing ovation as well.
5:56 pm
>> tennis andy murray claims a victory over rafael nadal to win the madrid masters. he was heading for a win, the defending champion outclassed at his first masters on clay and second victory on the surface after winning in munich on monday. >> doesn't feel like i put too much pressure on myself in the last couple of weeks which is a good thing. obviously to win a masters on clay for me is you know, a step in the right direction, something i have never done before cricket matches between india and pakistan are said to resume. the twosides with a strained relationship since attacks in 2008. the series includes three tests five one dayers and three t20 internationals in the united arab emirates. >> i came here to state that this is an important beginning
5:57 pm
a revival of pakistan and india cricket, which is so important for the cricking community of -- cricketing community of india and pakistan. >> one of the world's greatest distance runners gabriel salese says he's retiring from competitive run, he claimed two gold eight victories and 27 world records. he's the world record holder at the 20,000 meters. that is the sport for now. thank you for watching. he's an extraordinary guy. >> he is. >> i think he's going to retire before and came back. >> that's his second retirement. >> maybe he's not really going to go. we'll see. all right. you can find more on the website as ever. the usual address is for the latest sport and, of course news. >> that is it for me and the newshour team. thank you for watching. join me again in another couple
5:58 pm
of minutes.
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countdown to a cries says that could have an impact on the global economy in your retirement. greece is this close to running out of cash. i go through to show you first hand how tax cheats could drive it to ruin, and what should be done to get greek offenses out open. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money".


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